Blue Shoes

I usually shrug off pleasant memories. Else they would mean too much. But this one refused to be.
Shrugged off, I mean.
* * * *

It was exactly like that 2 minute dream before the waking second. It grew, frame by frame.. it melted, it smiled and winked at me as I lived through it. Waking life, I call it.

There were rehearsals that ran in lengths of many days and endless nights. I remember those blue shoes too. They seemed to suit me well. Pretty silver ribbons to ballet with my lady like blue skirt, red roses, and good luck wishes.

And the fall! How can I forget the fall? Gracefully, in slow motion – like it would be my last and like I can’t fall any lower. More perfect than all my rehearsals. And then the freeze…

Like in a trance, the rest of the cast swirls in circles and leaps, while my eyes search through the space to fill the void that could kill me. That is the moment. The split second when the spots are on you. Of applause, of fame, of smiles and crystal drops of tears.

My twelve year struggle understood me.


Sathia 5:37 AM  

since i cudn't understand fully,i beleive this is above my level of understanding :):)..btw its gud time pass for me to read blogs like urs due to high level of vettiness at office :)...wazz this 12 years of struggle ?!

Murali Rajendran 5:43 AM  

fascinating style of writing! liked the way you describe the 2-minute dream....

Nivedhitha 6:09 AM  

@ Sathia

Its the same vettiness that inspires me to write.

12 yrs is the 'character's' struggle towards becoming a performing ballet dancer. She realizes her dream as she takes centre stage, in my blog ;)

@ murali

Thank u :) Keep visiting.

Sathia 9:53 PM  

Wild thoughts..Many have scattered flow of thoughts,very few have structured/organised flow of thoughts and u r one in that...nurture this skill :).

Nivedhitha 10:21 PM  

Sathia: Ty :)

Anonymous 12:46 AM  

I think If you cant make people understand what you are writing its a waste of time and energy.Anyways I think you should stop abusing the art of writing with such junk stuff,writing is not about fun madam ,Its a serious job its not your wonder imaginations ,pay some respect to it and dont such scrap stuff again.Learn and read some writers and then try something.

Anonymous 12:47 AM  

If I see your article its seems like scattered toilet paper thats it nothing more.Just an abuse on writing.

Nivedhitha 1:33 AM  

@ Venkatram: You are entitled to have your opinions and I have mine. While I do welcome criticism, if u think my writing is a disgrace to English language - next time u can choose to not be the uninvited guest. n if u really think your blog could teach me some valuable lessons, may be your blogger profile should be listed in public.

Anonymous 7:11 AM  

Even I dont know much by the way but I somehow didnt feel too gud abt ur blog.

Its not too bad but anyways let us try writing on a common topic and then I will show you where you have gone wrong.
Or may be You give me a topic or anything that you feel as a topic I will show you from what I know as to how to convey your feelings,If you dont mind.

Actually the feelings are good but the subject is missing.

It can be a learning for both of us.
Dont mind my harsh words.

Nivedhitha 7:20 AM  

@ Venkatram: not interested. thanks anyway.

Anonymous 7:34 AM  

wht an atitude ????

Anonymous 7:35 AM  

i dnt know who understood wht u wrote

Anonymous 7:49 AM  

choose to not be the uninvited guest this sentence was too harsh.

Murali Rajendran 1:00 PM  

sorry if i'm speaking out of turn....couldn't refrain from refuting some of the trash worthy comments posted here!

listen up buddy....while criticism is a good thing, looks like you have gone overboard in writing some of the comments here
i'm not here to initiate an argument but would certainly like to tell you that a sense of balance is required in criticism....and your views on this post lack that totally!

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence" - Ansel Adams

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