Elastic Hearts.

One of the most serious consequences of being more than just friends is its irreversibility.


Murali Rajendran 1:19 PM  

hmmm is that an irony you're trying to draw up here? of elastic hearts and irreversibility....
good pic...my guess is you may have shot it yourself

Nivedhitha 1:29 PM  

@ Murali: Good guess about the irony. that is correct! :) Hearts flex when they have/want to. but then, irreversible traps are a whole different kind! ;)

Nivedhitha 1:29 PM  

oh n no! Flickr these days, are my only inspiration! ;)

Murali Rajendran 1:36 PM  

well i should have never let my trade secrets out...lol

Nivedhitha 2:09 PM  

@ Murali: :P :)

Sathia 9:58 PM  

Context sounds to be more of philosophical lines than poetic lines of ur earlier posts :P...Only a thin line diff though..gud :)

Nivedhitha 1:05 AM  

@ Sathia: am jus experimenting! Ty! :)

LakshmanaRaja 8:31 AM  

Very nice words.keep it up.

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