Objects in the rear view mirror do appear closer than they are.

You only miss that which is no more. Don you?


Murali Rajendran 12:36 AM  

a brilliantly poignant perspective in looking at those lines! remember the very same lines from an accenture ad campaign a couple of years back!

Murali Rajendran 12:39 AM  

the ad spoke of the objects in terms of the competition...well from now i'll have to remember it for a different reason :)

Nivedhitha 12:23 PM  

@ Murali:
This ones a song by meatloaf if am not wrong. pointed to by a good friend. Listen to it sometime.

Sathia 10:04 PM  

what is missed ?!

Srihari 1:22 PM  

Yes I do...

aditya 6:58 AM  

I do not understand how one can miss something, regardless of it is no more or more (opposite of no more)
Does the very fact that we have a memory of something make it live as long as we do?
Does this not mean that we cannot miss something that we can remember, and what we do not remember we do not miss?

Nivedhitha 7:30 AM  
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aditya 9:34 AM  
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