...of bandanas & bangles !

I’ve been listening to Delhi 6 on an endless loop for a day now..

Am not a Delhi vaasi, nor have I stayed there for a considerable length of time to call myself a Delhi-ite. Same with Bombay or Bangalore! But there is something about these 3 cities! The spirit – its energy and the maddening crowd with all its colors! Place with no definition, people with no fear.

Makes me wanna do one of those ‘Friends only’ trip back to Pilani for this song reminds me of infinite Delhi – Pilani journeys atop rusty buses amidst a million pieces of luggage, dust and stale food.

This day was spent remembering Delhi-Haat, Samchat, Connaught market, bandanas and bangles!!



none 2:41 PM  

dont mean to kill this for you but i think delhi is a bit overrated and so are the other cities! personally - madras/hyd should be the capital of India! B-)

Nivedhitha 2:45 PM  

@ letchumi - LOL!

yeah some say that as well! Chennai is surely nicer for some other reasons! but Capital? not so sure! Never been to Hyd or Calcutta actually! Lets put one trip i say!

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