Take Away My Pain

spread the message. save a life.

Tell me my mother
Why couldn’t you see?
For night after night,
I cried my plea.

He walked into my room,
Uninvited. Unseen.
Like shadows of yore,
And acted so mean.

I didn’t like it, dear mother,
I never liked playing that game.
That trouble, the trauma
God! What was its name?

I died every night,
And was born the next day.
A phoenix of sorts,
With scars that stay.

Tell me my mother
Why couldn’t you see?
For night after night,
I cried my plea.

Take me with you
Take away my pain
I’d rather be alone,
And watch memories remain.


Picture Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kamisyed/598090994/

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Whizkid 1:03 AM  

"Take me with you
Take away my pain..

I’d rather be alone"

Mebbe I dont understand the crux of the coda..It seems a li'll contradictory..Care to explain ?

Nivedhitha 1:22 AM  

oh, i constructed it this way.
the mom's dead. the kid's subjected to abuse time n again. she wishes she were dead ... hoping to escape the physical agony at least, if not the mental trauma.

Whizkid 1:56 AM  

I understood tat..But wouldnt the kid be uniting with her Mom in heaven if she s taken away by her Mom . then she wouldnt be alone ther..right ??

Nivedhitha 2:43 AM  

oh i did think about that.
the mom/hope just shows her the way to a new life(not necessarily afterlife). she survives there on, on her own. its just a small note of 'i can take care of myself from now on. i just needed some guiding light' sorts. :)

its the fluctuation between hopelessness and hope. the time when fear engulfs one, and everything seems out of control.

again, just my view. a lot of hidden intensity. for i really wouldn't know how a kid who has been subjected to such treatment would feel.

infact, i used phoenix for a comparison cos she is reborn. ideally, am not even talking about her going to heaven or hell.

its just that she seeks a super power - god/hope/whoever to help her get out of a mess.

Murali Rajendran 12:27 PM  

graphic lines about the child's agony, and a super pic to go with it....
i've said it a million times, if only i could code just as well. more often the program runs into a graphic dump...lol

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence" - Ansel Adams

In this space you will find images and words. It is upto you to weave 'em together and see what I see.