As of yesterday, I had set foot on the Western borders of India - Wagah border.
Thanks to a lovely wing, we danced to bhangra tunes as millions watched the guards shake hands across the gate with Pakistani soldiers.

As of today, I've also seen the South-East borders of India - at Dhanushkoti.
Thanks to a lovely family that decided not to disturb my photog adventure inbetween lengths of puja - I also have a picture for proof.

This blog - is to remind me that I have made an oath to myself that I shall visit the Eastern and Northern boundaries before am too old with responsibilities and stuff like that (read 30)


Murali Rajendran 1:40 PM  
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Manjula 12:11 AM  

Hey Nive, this is Manju, ex-schoolmate from Adarsh. Remember me?

N 12:12 AM  

Not quite.. and I can't access your profile either!

Manju 2:14 PM  
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N 2:20 PM  

Unfortunately yes and no. I never went to Adarsh - so may be you are mistaken?

PS: I'd prefer you reach out to me with such detail via email rather than the blog! :)

Manju 2:27 PM  

Sorry for the trouble.

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence" - Ansel Adams

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