A Quiet Little Melody

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I saw you as I walked outside;

Hanging around, by the curbside

Little things like these make me smile.

You held my hand and let me in;

Drove me home and waited still -

I looked at you to see if you’d smile.

I never wanted to be alone

Just wanted to be with you at home

So please, won’t you come along – tonight?

So when am scared to sleep at night,

You can tell me it’s alright;

So please, can you come along – tonight?

I‘ll hold you close and let you see,

All the lies that I have been;

Promise you that we will always be….

Together now and growing old,

Forever and for always more;

I will hold your hands and sing to you…

This quiet little melody


Trilok 10:21 AM  

Beautiful. I can't tune it but can feel the music inside...
--- Trilok ----

Paviths 11:44 AM  

Oh how idyllic ! :) super read-and-smile-feel-good material. simple and on the face, and that coming from you, bit of a surpirise really ! :D

N 3:27 PM  

:) Glad you both liked it!
Jup: If and when I sing - you will by default be my first listener :P

Girish 12:41 AM  

Good stuff!
And I agree with Pavithra, surprisingly simple stuff from you! :) :)

Murali Rajendran 12:21 PM  

simple and lucid lines...couldn't agree more with the last comment! surprisingly simple!!

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence" - Ansel Adams

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